I want to take a moment to thank our attorney Mr. Sher Akhtar, and the entire team at Akhtar and Associates for working with me and my wife to get her permanent residency. They were professional, thorough, and exceptionally helpful in working on our case.

Applying for permanent residency is a stressful and anxiety-inducing process, and the complexity of the paperwork and the multiple steps required can be difficult to navigate. Mr. Akhtar made the process simple and straightforward. Whenever there was a potential complication, they let us know and worked with us to solve the problem. In addition, the Akhtar team guided us to help ensure the process would be smooth in the future -- this included tips about name change, joint tax filings, and other small details which were not required, but ensured the case would be more straightforward.

Last month, when we had to go for our interview with an immigration officer, Mr. Akhtar provided us with a run-down of what to expect and what to prepare in advance. A week later, on the interview day, he was there with us, and the interview went very well. A week later, we received a call from their office, that the permanent resident card had come in. Many thanks to the entire team at Akhtar and Associates for such a positive experience!

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